• British but lives in Asia
  • Former professional basketball player in early 2000s (until I realized that even at 6’4” I wasn’t tall enough… At least this is what I tell myself)
  • Stints in wealth management at UBS in New York and Merrill Lynch in Washington D.C.
  • Moved into consulting, joining Capgemini’s strategy and transformation business in London in 2007, focusing on financial services projects
  • Have spent the last 6 years building and leading a global team of MBA-educated analysts producing internal strategic insight for Capgemini’s global financial services business, as well as our global thought leadership (see: worldwealthreport.com; worldpaymentsreport.com; worldretailbankingreport.com; worldinsurancereport.com)
  • Focus on wealth management (client consulting projects, thought leadership development, media work, and industry conferences)

My goal for this site is to provide an outlet for all the thoughts and ideas I have that don't yet have a home in cyberspace, and to learn stuff myself along the way.