2015 Singapore LinkedIn

Ships, Spa, and Getting LinkedIn in Singapore

Not the longest or most insightful post I’ll ever make, but it has been and continues to be a very busy week so here is a short post to keep things moving! I’m sure you will let me off this time.

I have always liked Singapore: Clean; full of energy; great food and drink; well-connected; nice people; truly global; a hub for trade and business; lots of friends live there; the list goes on.

It was therefore a real pleasure to be invited to deliver the keynote speech at the LinkedIn Finance Connect 2015 event in Singapore, focused on digital disruption in wealth management.

A big thank you to the LinkedIn team, for both your excellent hosting as well as choosing a great contemporary location in the Red Dot Museum.

And wow… I never fail to be amazed by the number of ships and containers in the port. My view from the spa whirlpool 🙂


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