2015 WWR15 Launch 4

World Wealth Report 2015 Launch in London

If you are still here after my welcome post, then I consider that a small victory. Onwards and upwards as they say! I’ll continue to ease you in gently – we’ll save longer posts for another time.

I just wanted to note that we had a great launch of Capgemini RBC Wealth Management World Wealth Report 2015 in London in mid-June. After months of hard graft, the team and I were able to share our results with the world. Please check out www.worldwealthreport.com for Capgemini’s interactive website where, in addition to downloading the report, you can also do some pretty cool interactive analysis based on the data you are most interested in.

In addition to some respected names in the media, I was joined by Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist of RBC Global Asset Management, and Daniel Ellis, Head of Investments for RBC Wealth Management in the UK and British Isles. The picture you see here is of our Q&A with those in attendance.

Watch this space for some more insights coming from this year’s vintage!

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