You may be thinking, “not another one!” but allow me to explain in my humble opinion why you should add to your list of sources for wealth management insight:

Industry Experience

Calls on my ten years of experience in, and supporting, the wealth management industry. Just writing that made me do a double-take but it has indeed already been a decade, spanning stints in the US as an analyst with UBS and Merrill Lynch, as well as my current role leading a team working on wealth research and consulting projects with some of the world’s leading wealth managers.

Powerful Insights

Focuses on illuminating some of the best research studies and thinkers in the industry. Thought leadership is often a “one-off” event and my hope is that through this site we can collectively delve deeper into findings from key research studies, as well as explore related topics with wealth management industry experts.


Provides a forum for more informal, two-way dialogue. Many firms’ approach to wealth management thought leadership is one-directional, and I endeavor to do my best to open these topics up to a dialogue.

Personal Touch

A personal, conversational approach. While wealth management will be the focus, this remains a personal site and I hope to free myself from consulting speak as much as possible and tell it how I see it, while at the same share some insights into my life and interests.

I am sure there are other raisons d’être for this site, but we’ll have to discover those as we go along. The posting schedule will be around once per week as I work through some content and ideas that have long been brewing, and then we’ll get into a more leisurely fortnightly posting schedule.

Here’s to hoping you find some value in the site. Ideas and feedback are always welcome!


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